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Associate Principal
I think it's important to bring a designer's approach and perspective to all aspects of my work, whether it's a campus master plan, a building fa├žade, or the way we're managing and delivering projects. By consistently asking why we're doing something the way we are and how we can do it better, we're always improving how we can best serve the needs of the project, its users, and the community at large.
With 12 years of experience, Saif brings a strong background in educational projects. He has an incredibly detail-oriented and highly focused work ethic that allows him to take the extra step needed to produce a successful project. He does this by creating a link between the vision and the actuality by fluidly converting given ideas into visual realities that allow clients and constituents to bring their concepts to life. As a project manager, Saif balances multiple tasks, including design, budget, and schedule, while achieving overall project goals. Saif holds a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University.
Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Campus Child Care Center
Crenshaw High School